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for the love of handbags!

there's one in all of us!
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Hey everyone and welcome to handbag lovers! This community was created to celebrate our love of handbags, and we welcome you to post pictures of your collection, ask questions about bags, or even show us what handbags you might be selling. This is a friendly, drama-free community for everyone to enjoy!


Everyone is welcome to join handbag lovers, but we do ask that all new users read the rules that are posted below and adhere to them while posting. Handbag lovers is a moderated membership community, meaning that you must be approved by one of the moderators before you having posting access. We do this to keep the number of trolls and the amount of drama to a minimum.


01. All posts should be on topic. If you need to start your post out with "I know this isn't really handbag related, but...", don't post it in the community! If it's not really handbag related, then it's not on topic. Handbag related topics include: handbags, wallets, and handbag accesories (purseket, mini skinnys, cles/clefs, etc). If you got a great deal on a handbag or a handbag accessory, feel free to post it. We love seeing those types of things. Please don't post the great deals you got on a pair of jeans or shoes.

02. Please do not post advertisements for your community. We have created a list of non-livejournal communities that we recommend and their links and advertisement graphics have been placed in the community user info. If you would like your community to be an affiliate, please email us at the handbag lovers community email address, handbag.lovers @ gmail.com. When emailing, please take out the spaces in front of and behind the "@" sign. We do this to prevent bots and spam companies from finding our email and spamming us.

03. We love pictures! But please put all pictures larger than 300x300 pixels (and multiple pictures) behind an lj-cut.If you are unsure of how to make an LJ cut, you can read up on it in the livejournal FAQ.

04. Update as of 10/23/06: Currently, selling posts are not allowed in this community. Now, don't get freaked out yet!! We are now requiring that members who would like to post their handbag related submit their feedback information for approval to the handbag_lovers email address. The moderators will make a decision based on the feedback information that you give us on if you are allowed to post your items or not. The reason we are doing this is to cut down on the number of scammers that sell in our community. The following survey is the one that must be sent to the handbag.lovers@gmail.com email address before you are approved to post selling posts:

1. Name:
2. Livejournal Name:
3. eBay (or other feedback) link:

**Please note, eBay (ioffer, etc) accounts will be confirmed by sending an email to the eBay user name given via the eBay "Contact Member" feature. We do this to prevent users from saying that they are a well-respected member of the eBay community, when they are in reality a scammer looking to take innocent peoples' money. At this point and time, we are allowing our approved users to post selling posts once per week. If you are posting an eBay auction, you may post your auction a second time, within the 24 hours that it is ending. The sale of handbags and their related items (they must be together) are allowed in this community - but please do not include your clothing, shoes, makeup, etc in the selling post. Offenders' posts will be deleted, and multiple offenders of this rule will be banned and not welcomed back. Also, while sales posts are welcome as long as the rules are followed, we suggest eBay or another wider source for selling if you find that your items aren't being bought from users in this community. General rule of thumb: If your items don't sell after being posted twice, you might want to consider another source!

05. Replicas, replicas, replicas. Some call them fakes, some call them replicas - selling of replicas is NOT allowed in this community. These posts will be deleted. Multiple offenders of this rule will be banned and will also not be welcomed back. We take this rule VERY seriously!

06. This community is a drama free zone. When it comes to commenting, please, please, please don't say it if your third-grade teacher would have called it mean. We all love handbags here so there is no need to make comments about how much money people spend or what they do with their handbags! If you see a post or comment that is looking for trouble, IGNORE IT. A mod can delete it. We do not want to have to ban anyone, so let's be respectful. If you have any comments (negative or positive) to make about the community, please direct them to the community email (handbag.lovers @ gmail.com). All comments made within the community regarding how the community is run will be deleted. Please do not comment in our personal journals if you have a problem with/in the community.

07. If a situation arises where you need to contact a maintainer of the community, please use the email address that was created for the community, rather than commenting in our personal journals. The email that we have created for the community is handbag.lovers@gmail.com.








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