February 2nd, 2006

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LV Selling Post

After much thinking and a lot of debating, I have decided to sell my White MC Wapity and Black MC Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois. I wanted to post here in case anyone is interested, otherwise, I'm going to put it on eBay.

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Is anyone selling anything from the Louis Vuitton vernis collection?

Preferrably the Reade PM, Houston, or the acessories pouch. I'll consider anything else though.

Also does anyone know where I can find one besides ebay?

I'm moving out of my house in two weeks...and I'd like to buy my last nice thing and treat myself because I know I'll never be able to buy anything nice again. Hah. =P
Not enough WTF in the world.

Pastel Scribble

Look what was sitting on my desk when I got back from my morning meetings yesterday...

Warning: LOTS of pics ahead. :D

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I also updated my collection pic. Finally.

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P.S. Anyone know anything about the pink Chevron that seems to be popping up all over eBay? A lot of them seem to come with outlet boxes (and outlet stamps) - did they release the pink color just to the outlets a la the "new" Dot line? Inquiring minds want to know. :D