Miu Miu?

Does anyone have a Miu Miu bow bag? I want one, but I'm a little concerned - looking at the bag, it appears that the bag's design would cause the leather around the fold to crack.


I am in search of a very large, cute, and sturdy tote bag that can be used as a carry on for a ridiculously long flight (14hrs). Something preferably cheap, and large enough to carry a netbook, a few books, toiletries, snacks, ipod etc.

Besides Vera Bradley, any ideas?
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Meet Sasha!!

It's my first Botkier bag. `=D I actually got it at work (I work in a dept. store) and it was on sale!! So, I couldn't resist.

Orginal Price: $375
Final Price: $90 (includes sale % & employee discount%)

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